Creating new pages


Create a new page

  1. First determine what folder to put the file in
  2. Then create a new file with a short name, in snake_case, with the “.md” extension
    • snake_case means: no upper case letters, only latin characters and underscores, no spaces
    • For example: the document for the QUT Ecoacoustics Research group is named
  3. Each folder should have a file, open it and copy the template into your new document
    • If it does not, please file an issue
  4. Edit the template by filling in all the sections marked with angle brackets (< ... >).
  5. Add your content in Markdown
  6. Preview your changes in the preview tab
  7. When you’re done, type a message in the commit message box
    • Try to include a descriptive message of the changes you have made
  8. …(TODO)

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